All colors of Altay

Motortour "All colors of Altay" is designed for beginners and estimated in 2-3rd category of difficulty, so you can take a passenger as a second number with you. Most of the itinerary includes asphalt roads. But, be sure to see the virgin nature, mountain waterfalls, blue lakes. We'll have all of this as a part of our route which will be quite a comfortable one.
We'll visit M.T.Kalashnikov's museum, see the mines and hydraulic buildings of the 18th century, climb up to the monument of Ermak - the conqueror of Siberia, ride along the famous Chuya highway, witness the beauty of Altay nature.
Altay steppe, Kolyvanskoye lake, Lake Beloye, Biryukinskiy heights and, of course, Lake Teletskoye.
Kolyvanskoye lake was formed several million of years ago. Eroded, very picturesque grey stone rocks remember us about the Ice Age. The lake water is warm till September.
A rare water chestnut can be found in the lake, this chestnut was enlisted in UNESCO Red Book. A stonecutting plant has been working since 1802 in Kolyvanskoye village. It was here where the "Queen of vases"'was produced. Since the end of the 19th-century it has been exhibiting in Hermitage in St. Petersburg. You can get to the lake by a steep road – but that is the monument of Kolyvan mountain nature.
The Chuya highway is the main car road of Altay mountains that connects Russia with Mongolia in China. The Storico highway construction dates back to 18th 19th centuries.
In lunch and fortune a famous writer Vyacheslav Shishkov became the main researcher of the highway. He also wrote a popular novel Ugryum Reka. The thought of this book was taken from Altay mountain local inhabitants' life.
And finally lake Teletskoye - place that attract tourists from all over the world by its virgin beauty. Reserved coastal area saved the nature of this unique please just is it was like many thousand of years ago.
Secular Pines, steep rocks, mountain waterfalls, absence of roads and civilization – is the landmark of this nature miracle.
Altay mountains, as many peoples believe, is concentration of mystical place where people look for answers for their questions and to find them.
We are sure that this itinerary would leave you Amazed and also would help you to have a different look at the world around you.

Our itinerary

(mileage 1930 km)

Arrival to Barnaul airport. Transfer from the airport to Barnaul.
Hotel accommodation, acquaintance meeting.
Barnaul – Aleysk – Lake Kolyvanskoye - 340 km
Moving across the Aleysk steppe, visit to the motherland of Kalashnikov – legendary constructor of automatic shooting weapon. Accommodation in camping “Lazurny” on the shore of amazing Lake Kolyvanskoye, steam room.
Lake Kolyvanskoye - Zmeinogorsk – v. Talovka – v. Kolyvan – Beloye Lake – 170 km
A visit to the oremining museum, the remnants of the 18th century silver mine. In Kolyvan village – acquaintance with the work of unique stonecutting plant. Accommodation at “Skala” camping on the shore of the cleanest Lake Beloye. Steam bath in the evening.
Lake Beloye – v.Kurya – v. Krasnoschekovo – camp. Eldorado – 170 km
A very picturesque road along the Mountain Kolyvan. Accommodation at “Eldorado” camping. Steam bath in the evening combined with bathing in the Charysh River.
Camping “Eldorado” – v. Kharlovo – v. Berezovka – v. Upper Kamyshenka – 310 km
Moving along the picturesque foothills of Baschelakskiy range of the Altay Mountains, accommodation in hotel “Blagodat” of Belokurikha resort.
Belokurikha – v. Altayskoye – Biruyksnskiy heights – v. Aya – camp. “Manzherok” – 240 km
On the traffic route – visiting famous Tavdinskiye caves, camping “Biruyzovaya Katun”. Accommodation in comfortable rooms of “Manzherok” camping, and, of course, steam bath.
Camping “Manzherok” – Gorno-Altaysk – Artybash – 220 km
Visiting the capital of Altay republic – the city of Gorno-Altaysk. Moving along the picturesque mountain road. Accommodation in Artybash hotel near the Lake Teletskoye an Biya River.
Spare day.
A boat trip on Lake Teletskoye on a motor boat to Korbu waterfall and Stone Bay. Radial rides along the Iogach river and to village Novotroitskoye, the visit to the floating restaurant “Altay Pioneer” 70 km (motor cycle) – optional.
v. Artybash – v. Turochak – v. Stan-Bekhtemir – 230 km
Riding on a very picturesque road along the Biya River, a stop near Ikonostas rock. Overnight stay at sanatorium “Sunrises on Biya”.
DAY 10
v. Stan – Bekhtemir – Biysk – Barnaul – 25 km
Arrival to Barnaul, accommodation in hotel, farewell dinner in Bike bar, certificate ceremony with all the participants.
DAY 11
Transfer Barnaul – airport.
Flight to Moscow.
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