Moto-tour Terra Mongolia

In the beginning of the 21st century, Mongolia remains one of the few countries where the old culture and steppe ancestors’ customs are still guarded. On our planet, there are not so many places left that are remote, unmanned, and thus so attractive. The absence of civilization, moon landscapes… That thing lately drags along a huge number of moto-travelers from all over the world. This itinerary is designed for well-trained tourists and can be estimated as of 4-5th difficulty category according to 6-grade scale.

Our itinerary

(mileage 3380 km)

Arrival to Barnaul. Transfer to the hotel.

Free time for having rest or walking round the city. General meeting and welcome dinner.

Barnaul – Biysk – touristic complex “Manzherok” (350 km).
In the morning we get the motor cycles and head to Biysk founded by Peter the Great. This the only city situated behind the Ural mountains and in the beginning of famous Chuya highway, connecting Russia and Mongolia. After lunch we go to touristic complex “Manzherok”, where we will stay overnight.
“Manzherok” – Seminskiy heights – Chiket-Aman hights – v. Chibit (400 km)

Today a very picturesque landscape is awaiting for us. Following the Chuya highway, we will pass along foamy rivers, colourful heights and rocky cliffs. After a short break and a lunch at Chiket-Aman hights we will continue our journey. We will stay overnight at the “Kochevnik” camp.
Chibit – Kosh-Agach – Mongolian border (200 km)
Today, moving across the Chuya steppe, we cross the Mongolian border and an amusing ride over the endless Mongolian off-road begins. We will spend the night in traditional yurts not far from the border.
Mongolian border – Achit-Nur Lake – Ogotor-Khamryn-Davaa heights – Ulaan-Davaa heights – Ureg-Nuur Lake – Ulaangom (270 km)
Here we start our exciting trip around Mongolia! Through the mountain gorge, we go to the Mogen-Buren River that has its source in Khindiktig-Khol Lake which is situated in Russia. Here we have a picturesque view at the tallest mountain Mongun-Taygoy (3976 m). Then passing over the mountain ridge Turgen-Uul we ride to Ureg-Nur lake and through the mountain steppes we go to the area centre of Ubsun aimak – the town of Ulaangom, where we will stay for the night.
Ulaangom – Khyargas (250 km)
Today we will see the true wild Mongolia and feel that there are no roads here – just directions. Late in the afternoon we will arrive at yurt camp, situated amidst white fanciful rocks of Lake Khyargas.
Spare day.
You may ride in the roundabouts or go fishing and try to catch a Mongolian osman.
Khyargas – Zavkhan River (Dzabkhan) (250 km)
Today we will make our way through picturesque valleys, green hills and even sand-dunes. The terminal point of our today’s journey will be the camp on Zavkhan River.
Zavkhan River – Mongol-Els desert – Lake Durgen – Nuur (100 km)
Today is the shortest, though the most difficult day. Part of the route we will make on gravel and sandy roads, another part – in a real desert. The itinerary also covers the area of the big lakes’ basins where you can find 8 lakes formed as the result of tectonic activity. In the late afternoon we will arrive at the camping on the south shore of Lake Durgen – Nuur.
DAY 10
Durgen-Hovd (250 km)
Moving along Djergalan heights we are crossing the south part of the country and ride into the steppe. On our way we can see some pasturing gazelles and yurts of locals. Then we take the south trans-Mongolian highway “Ulgiy – Ulan-Bator” and head to the town Khovd. We stay overnight at a hotel.
DAY 11
Khovd – Tolbo-Nuur Lake – Bayan – Ulgiy (250 km)
We will visit the biggest monastery in west Mongolia and attend the local bazaar where you can buy some souvenirs. After that, we head to the local centre Bayan-Ulgiy along the picturesque lake Tolbo-Nuur on a relatively good road. We will spend the night at camping.
DAY 12
Bayan-Ulgiy – state border – Chibit (350 km)
Today we go back to Russia. After crossing the border, we take the Chuya highway to get to the Chibit village. Late dinner, steam room, overnight at the camp.
DAY 13
You may dedicate your spare day to go sightseeing or just to hang out in the camp.
v. Chibit – v.Cherga – Komarinyi heights – v. Altayskoye – Belokurikha (450 km)
Today is the longest day of the trip. We go back along the Chuya highway. After lunch in a café we head to resort Belokurikha, where we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel.
DAY 15
Belokurikha – Biysk – Barnaul (260 km)
We ride to Barnaul on a perfect road. On our way we will visit the Chuya highway museum in Biysk and Astronaut Titov’s museum in v. Polkovnikovo. In the late afternoon we will arrive to Barnaul. That night the farewell dinner will take place.
DAY 16
Transfer to the airport, flight to Moscow.
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