Our company arranges moto-tours, provides motor cycles for rent and provide follow-up services (private guides, accommodation, fuel, motor cycle insurance, and tickets admission to the national parks, museums and other sights as per the tour description) in accordance with the federal and regional standards of the Russian Federation. Guides and other Company representatives do not represent the party of the agreement signed by the Tourist and do not bear any responsibility for non-providing any of the services, described at the website and/or any other sources. Guaranteed booking of the moto-tour is confirmed by prepayment of 50 % of the total amount. The full prepayment must be made not later than 60 days prior to the tour start. If the payment is made within 60 days before the tour start, it should be 100% paid at once. We recommend to book the tour 1-2 months prior to its start the latest because the accommodation (hotels, campings etc.) in summer season is quite problematic due to the high touristic demand. However, you may address to project managers and, if available, the tour may be booked a week or 2 days prior to its start.

Each tourist has to make a deposit of 20000 rubles before tour starts. The deposit will be held till the moment when the Tourist returns the motor cycle without any damages. In this case the deposit will be refunded. Any repair expenses in case of motorbike damage will be extracted from the deposit amount.

In case of any circumstances arise that will prevent the full or particulate realization of Company’s obligations within the tour (road works, hotel closing, bad weather conditions etc.), the Company preserves the right to cancel the whole tour or its part, make the necessary changes  and correct the itinerary without Tourist’s notification.

Hotel and camping owners and all the other service providers as part of this tour, including the Company do not bear any responsibility for Tourist’s safety. Company can not be responsible for the damage caused to third parties due to Tourist’s actions while being on tour.

Safety equipment

Tourist should have full set of safety equipment, including:


Knee, elbow, shoulders and back harness



Safety equipment can be taken for rent upon request.

Driving license and motor cycle riding skills

To participate in the tour each Tourist should have:

  • Valid driving license, A category (motor cycles)
  • Driving experience. If you doubt the difficulty of the road section (for example, Katu-Yaryk Passover), you can ride it in an escort vehicle, your bike will stay in the same vehicle with you. But if you have very little experience of riding on asphalt we advise you to do one-day course training on asphalt and cross-country tracks. Such parks can be found in almost every city.

Visa and Tourist identity

Tourists who are not the Russian Federation residents, should correspond the Russian passport and visa control requirements and bear all the responsibility for the consequences may arise due to its nonobservance. In case of emergency Company representatives are ready to provide limited help in visa application (for example, to send a written invitation for the Tourist), but visa application is not our activity.

Tourist replacement can be arranged if the new Tourist satisfy all the requirements stated and has to inform Toursmoto about the replacement not later than 15 days prior to arrival.

Tour cancellation

Client has the right to cancel the tour if informing the Responsible party in written form. In this case the following cancellation policy will be implied by the Responsible party:

  • Cancellation within 60 days prior to the tour start – 50% of the total tour cost will be withdrawn.

The money refund is performed  on the basis of the claim and will be regarded within 10 working days. The claim is to be sent at

In case of Tourist failure to complete the tour, the Company does not have to refund the cost of the uncompleted tour, without regarding the reason for Tourist’s failure to complete the tour.


All motor cycles have third-party liability cover.

Tourists are provided with a medical emergency insurance.

A notification request for the whole group is provided to the local EMERCOM department before each itinerary

Other conditions

If the Tourist does not follow the traffic code, The Company has the right to cancel the contract and withdraw the motor cycle from the tourist unilaterally. Tourist must pay all the fines, received while being on tour. Unpaid fines can be refunded with deposit amount. Tourists are bound not to cause any damage to the environment and/or to third parties by any actions connected with motor cycle riding during the Contract being valid. In case Tourist’s multiple ignoring the rules or threatening third parties by his actions, The Company has the right to cancel the contract and withdraw the motor cycle from the tourist unilaterally.

Tourist is fully aware of danger that may arise from active sport and tourism, such as swimming, rafting, mountain climbing or any other activity that can be potentially offered to the Tourist within the tour, and take the full responsibility of his own life and health regarding the activity stated above.

All photos and videos shot by Toursmoto are the Toursmoto property. Copyright belongs to Toursmoto.  Toursmoto can use all photo- and video data with marketing and advertising purposes, including Tourists’ pictures. Tourists providing their own photo and video data to Toursmoto agree to its usage by Toursmoto for marketing and advertising purposes.

Toursmoto plans tour dates for the periods when weather conditions are the most favourable for the motor cycle riding. But some tours take place in areas with sudden weather conditions’ change. Toursmoto does not bear any responsibility for bad weather conditions and do not refund the expenses and/or inconveniences caused by the latest.

Tour cost includes:

Return transfer to the airport

BMW G650GS motor cycle

Medical insurance with 300 000 rubles coverage

Accommodation (hotels, camping, tent)

Meals (all inclusive, alcohol drinks, additional courses and dinners in Belokurikha excluded)

Entrance tickets to all museums included in tour itinerary

Hotline (guide and escort vehicle satellite phones)

Radio communication within a group

Guidance and technical support: motor cycle guide, escort vehicle (GAZ “Sadko”)

After tour finishing: certificate, a sticker

Gas for motor cycle throughout the tour

Tent and mattress for overnight in the field camp (sleeping bag is to be purchased additionally in Barnaul or to be taken with Tourist by himself)

Tour cost does not include:

Return flight to Barnaul

All expenses for delivering personal motor equipment to Barnaul and back

Refundable deposit of 20000 rubles

Accommodation and meals

We try to include all the necessary things for our guests’ convenience in standard tour packages but, of course, there are always some expenses that should be covered by the tourists themselves. These are souvenirs, alcoholic drinks throughout the journey (excluding the welcome and farewell dinner as part of the tour).

While on tour Tourists are offered single or double accommodation in hotels of Barnaul, Manzherok, Artybash, Blagodat’. At night stopovers – Ezen, Kochevnik, field camp only group (ayles and yurts) or double (tents) accommodation can be possible. Meals – hotel restaurants (all inclusive, alcohol drinks, additional courses and dinners in Belokurikha excluded), cafe and field kitchen with its own cook.

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