Mysterious table land “UKOK”

Table land “UKOK” – Altay Tibet, “place of power”. One of the most mysterious places in the Altay Mountains. Even shouting here will be considered a sacrilege. Ukok means “the end of everything”. It is situated on Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia borders’ cluster. It was included in UNESCO list, as its inaccessibility, as well as the absence of any human activity, kept the nature in its virginity.

Our itinerary is designed for well-trained pilots and is estimated as 4-5th category of difficulty. It demands special requirements: durability, high standard of driving skills. But the tour is worth it , because only here you can take baths in radon springs, see the cave drawings that are almost 14 000 years old, fish on the shores of the purest lakes and catch the famous grayling.
It was her that the scientists found the mummy of Ukok’s princess whose name is connected with many tales of the Altay. Monks, sorcerers and shamans come here to find answers to their questions. That’s why a chance to get to this table land is a chance to test your durability and visit the most beautiful and inaccessible place of our Motherland.
Ukok – is “area of peace”, that means that bordering states forbade any people’s movement in favor of saving the nature and numerous Kurgan tombs, age of the last reaches several thousand of years. So, in order to get there, we have to cross the frontier post..
Flora and fauna of this area has not been learned yet. There are no reptiles here. Many species of animals and plants are enlisted in the Red book.
Climate is quite harsh on the table land, as it is situated at more than 2000 metres over the sea. The sun may shine, but then, suddenly, the whole sky is covered with clouds and rain starts.
Another bright page of local history is famous Scythian kurgans. Due to ever frost tombs with tiny details managed to survive in frozen graves. It was in one of the kurgans where a mummy of a young woman was found, beautifully kept through the times, she got the name – Ukok princess..
Six horses with saddles and harness, a woodblock with bronze nails were found in this kurgan. They estimate the age of the treasure as V-III century B.C. The locals called the “Altay princess” as the pro-mother of the human race, ambassador of the heaven. Altay shamans consider that she has to be buried in the previous grave, in mortuary kurgan, to prevent some natural disasters. It turned out that after the princess was discovered, several disasters happened in Altay, including earthquake, the epicenter of which was in the tomb disturbed. Local shamans think that these were the ghost who came out of the ground and avenged. Who knows how many secrets and mysteries does the “Ukok” table land keep?

Are you ready to find yourself while looking for beauty and knowledge?
Then let’s go!
See you on the mysterious table land “Ukok”!

Our itinerary

(mileage 2140 km)

Arrival to Barnaul airport. Transfer from the airport to Barnaul.
Hotel accommodation, acquaintance meeting.
Barnaul – Biysk - camping “Manzherok” - 320 km
Visit to Chuya highway museum in Biysk, attendance of the Memorial museum-reserve of a famous Soviet writer, director, actor V.M.Shukshin with climbing the famous mountain Piket.
Camping “Manzherok” – Seminsky heights – Chiket-Aman heights – v. Chibit – v. Ortolyk – 430 km
Accommodation and overnight at camping with steam bath in the evening.
v. Oroktoy – v. Kosh-Agach – Tartakhinskoye lake – Dzumalinskiye springs – 170 km
Riding across the Chuya steppe, documents check at the frontier post (entering the bordering area). Evening bathing in warm radon springs. Accommodation in summer houses, aile.
Dzumalinskiye springs – Teplyi kliyuch heights – Kalguty river – Korsulu heights – Ak-Alakha River – 80 km
Overcoming Teplyi kliyuch heights for several hours (2970 m high). The biggest difficulties are experienced by our assistance service – large stones. Rolling out to Ukok table land – our final goal. Overnight in tents. Temperatures below zero may arise this night.
Ak-Alakha River – Bugumuyuz heights – Dzhazator river – 80 km
Hiking trip to the cave drawings, passing over the marshy Bugumuyuz heights (2844 high). Steam bath, overnight in houses of “Vorota na Ukok” camping.
Spare day.
Service for motor cycles. Radial trip to Karagemsky breakthrough at Argut River, fishing for grayling.
Dzhazator River – v. Kosh-Agach – v. Chibit – 250 km
Going back via the familiar road to village Chibit, accommodation at the camping “Kochevnik” and traditional steam bath.
v. Chibit – v. Cherga – v. Aya – v. Altaiskoye – Belokurikha – 440 km
Riding backwards via Chuya highway. This is the longest daytime trip.Two lunches in road cafes, accommodation and overnight in comfortable rooms of “Blagodat” hotel in the resort town Belokurikha
DAY 10
Belokurikha – Barnaul – 260 km
Arrival to Barnaul, accommodation in hotel, farewell dinner in Bike bar, certificate ceremony with all the participants.
DAY 11
Transfer Barnaul – airport.
Flight to Moscow.
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