Golden Altai

We would like to invite you to one of the most fascinating motorcycle trips in mountain Altai. Golden Altai – unique route, that no accident is “central” to our programs and allows you to fully enjoy all the splendor of this wonderful region. It is perfect for riders of intermediate level training and it is assessed at the 4th level of complexity (out of 6).
This tour is made up in the way that every rider could observe not only natural attractions of the Altai, but also that people created with their own hands during the whole period of domesticating this severe region. Our trip begins and ends in the city of Barnaul, the capital of the Altai region.
We will drive along the Chuya Highway, visit the museum of V.M.Shuckshin, have a rest in the eminent hotel “Manscherok”, honor the memory on the place of death of Mikhail Evdokimov and have a look on Belokuricha city-resort, where we will bathe in hot radon baths. Also we will visit Pazyryk mound. There are no words to describe all the diversity of this region.

But the most important goal of our trips is to show you wonders of nature: rivers Katun, Chulishman and Bija, breathtaking waterfall Korbu, mountain pass Katu-Jarik and the pearl of the Altai - Lake Teletskoye. Much of the coast and its vicinity aren’t subjected to the influence of civilization and remained the same as they were thousands of years ago. The shores of the lake - mountains covered with dense forest and steep cliffs with century-old cedars. The purest mountain water rarely warms above 10 C, that is why it is almost impossible to swim there. But the view is amazing. Lake Teletskoye, like a magnet, attracts people due to it’s unique beauty, mystique, incomprehensibility and elegance.
Our tour includes 4-hour ferry crossing to the opposite side of the incredible Lake Teletskoye. Mountain pass Katu-Jarik is a man-made sight that was constructed not so long ago in 1989. It is unique in that no classic characteristic passes of symmetry: the serpentine rise of the serpentine descent. The pass is a descent from the Ulagan plateau in the valley of the river Chulyshman. This 3,5 kilometer-long zigzag of 9 loops cut in the 70º slope of the mountain. Visitors can disperse from oncoming cars only on the corners (there are small pockets).
When people visit this place the heart starts beating faster and the breathing quickens. Car goes downhill to the right and to the left at the highest point of the pass is an observation deck, offering stunning views: the bottom of a narrow green ribbon winds Chulyshman, on the opposite side of the gorge — Chulyshman plateau terminating in steep rocky valley walls, approximately one kilometer-high, which flow down nearly 100-foot waterfall.

The tour “Golden Alatai” will not leave anyone indifferent, in the long run after the trip you will make yourself at home in Russia, and you'll learn this world in a new light.

Our route and program

(1450 km)

Arrival to Barnaul airport. Transfer airport – city Barnaul.
Hotel accommodation and evening of acquaintances.
Barnaul – Bijsk – tourist complex “Manscherock” – 340 km
Visit to the Memorial museum-reserve of famous soviet writer, director and actor V.M.Shuckshin. Also we will climb up to the famous mountain Picket. Stop at the memorial Evdokimov. Russian Bath, for those who want - fishing on spinning.
Manscherock - Gorno-Altaysk – village Artibash on the coast of Lake Teletskoye – 220 km
Picturesque road in mountains along the Bija River. We will visit some sightseeings such as Tavdijskiy cave, Roerich monument. Russian Bath in the evening.
Ferry ride across Lake Teletskoye – 80 km
Waterfall Korbu - Chulishnan ravine – hostel Ezen – 100 km
Visit to Korbu waterfall, picturesque road in Chulishnan ravine. Accomodation in traditional Altai ail in hostel Ezen. Strolls, Russian Bath, swimming in the river, fishing on spinning.
River Chulishman – Mountain pass Katu-Jarik – village Ulagan – village Akatash – village Chibit – river Chuja – 250 km
Immensely hard Mountain pass Katu-Jarik, Pasirsky mound and visit to museum in village Ulagan. We will also ride through mountain pass Ulaganskiy,
high-mountain lakes, picturesque place “Red Gates”. Accommodation in Mongolian yurts in hostel Kochevnick.
River Chuja - Chuya Highway – village Inja – Mountain pass Chicke – Taman – River Usul – 150 km
Ride in Chuya Highway, visit to the confluence of rivers Chuya and Katun.
Field night next to the purest river Urusul in the field camp, Russian Bath.
River Usul – village Ongudaj – village Tuekte – Mountain pass Seminskiy – village Cherga – Mountain pass Komariniy – village Altaiskoe – Belockuricha – 260 km
Chuya Highway. We will visit some sights in Belockuricha and have walk there. Accommodation in hotel Blagodat.
Radial ride: Belockuricha – Bobrovaja zaimka – Belockuricha 70 km.
Picturesque road, rest in camp Bobrovaja zaimka: paragliding, horse rides, strolls and motorcycle rides. Accommodation in hotel Blagodat.
Belockuricha – Bijsk – Barnaul – 60 km
Arrival to Barnaul, accommodation in the hotel, closing dinner in Bike-bar, handing the certificates to all participants of the tour.
DAY 10
Transfer Barnaul – Barnaul airort
Flight to Moscow.
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