ЧАсто задаваемые ВОпросы

1What things should I take with me when going on a tour?
We recommend you to see the list of things needed to go on a tour. You may rent some of them at the Toursmoto.com camp.
2What level of training should I have to participate in this tour?
We do not place any specific demands on the participants, but you should keep in mind that more than the halfway includes gravel, stones, quite difficult descends and uphill climbs, wades and bridges. If you are not sure enough about your experience – we recommend you to arrive 4 days in advance and take part in special preparatory trainings in cross-country that last for three days and are planned before each tour.
3Taking part in the tour is quite expensive for me, is it possible to reduce the cost?
If the standard tour is expensive for you, you can refuse quite a big number of services and get the tour cheapening. To get more information, address the Toursmoto.com project managers. If you are a group of not less than five, we can also develop a special tour that will cost less that the standard one, without compromising the route and pleasures that you will get. Twice a season we organize budget tours that have lower cost, mainly because of participants’ accommodation in budget hotels and extra nights in Toursmoto.com field camps.
4What additional expenses will I have during the tour?
We try to include all the necessary things for our guests’ convenience in standard tour packages but, of course, there are always some expenses that should be covered by the tourists themselves. These are souvenirs, alcoholic drinks throughout the journey (excluding the welcome and farewell dinner as part of the tour).
5What additional expenses will I have while getting ready for the tour?
Main expenses before the tour are return plane tickets to Barnaul and also the purchase of the needed equipment (if you don’t have an opportunity to rent is at our place).
6What is the latest possible time to book the tour?
We recommend to book the tour not later than 1-2 months in advance as the overnight accommodation in summer season (hotels, camping etc.) may cause difficulties due to the high touristic demand. However, you may address to project managers and, if available, the tour may be booked a week or 2 days prior to its start.
7What months are most convenient for the tour according to weather conditions?
We have tours from June to September. July and August are the hottest months, but June and September are still comfortable at this time.
8Can I book a tour including plane tickets at Toursmoto.com, how much is the flight?
Sure, you can book a tour with plane tickets; we will find the most suitable options regarding the time and the cost. If you decide to purchase the tickets on your own, their cost on the route Moscow-Barnaul-Moscow starts from 15 000 rubles.
9Can you arrange an individual tour for our group?
It is our pleasure to offer individual tours for your group that can be either more or less complicated, with visiting a greater number of museums or enlarging the length of the track. Personal tours can be arranged for the groups starting from 5 people.
10Can I go on a tour by my own motorbike and how should I deliver it to Barnaul and back?
Yes, sure, you can. In this case the cost of the tour is quite lower. Many of our tourists prefer to ride the itinerary on their motorbikes. Normally, “Delovye linii” company (their pick point is in Barnaul and situated 100 m from our camp) fulfills motor vehicles’ delivery to Barnaul and back. However, we pay your attention to the fact that Toursmoto.com company does not perform the vehicle delivery, but our managers will provide you with all the necessary information for comfortable delivery of your motorbikes to Barnaul and accepting them back.
11Can I take a passenger with me to take part in the tour?
We highly recommend not taking passengers for going on our tours. However, if you are quite self-confident you can contact our passengers to receive a quote for a driver with a passenger.
12What responsibility do I take for motorbike damage while being on the tour?
Normally we take a refundable deposit of 20000 rubles. Our tours pass along difficult road sections – gravel and stones, mountain saddles, wades, steep uphill climbs and descends. Any repair expenses in case of motorbike damage will be extracted from the deposit amount.
13What vaccinations must be done before visiting Altay?
Before going on our tour we recommend to do the encephalitic acarida vaccination. We draw your attention to the fact that vaccination of this kind are done in several stages. So we advise to do them one month before the trip the earliest.
14Can you arrange fishing during the tour? What kind of fish live in Altay?
Mountain rivers and lake are situated all along the itinerary. Every stopover for the night (except the town of Belokurikha) involves a river or a lake. Of course, you can spend you free time fishing. All needed equipment is provided free of charge for the tourists.
15What happens if the motorbike broke down and cannot go further?
If a small damage occurs, assistance service does the repair on the spot. All the needed equipment can be found in escort vehicle. If the damage does not allow continuing the ride, the participant will get a backup motorbike, which is located in the escort vehicle.
16What are the possible ways to spend free time in Belokurikha?
There are many interesting places in resort town of Belokurikha. As this place is to visit on the last days of the tour, most of the tourists prefer relaxing holiday – radon baths, massage, swimming pool, restaurants and sometimes clubs.
17If a participant needs medical assistance, what actions will be undertaken?
First medical aid is provided on the spot. If tourists are unable to continue the trip due to the trauma, they will be guided to the nearest hospital in the escort vehicle. In emergency, an EMERCOM helicopter can be called for evacuation. A notification request for the whole group is provided to the local EMERCOM department before each itinerary. Also we arrange a compulsory advanced sport insurance for each tourist.
18Do I have to acquire a special ENDURO moto-equipment or I can do with a standard one?
You can do with a usual moto-equipment for tourism but we highly recommend endure boots and knee protection, because while riding on gravel your legs meet a great number of throwing stones.
19I have just received driving license for the category A and I have some experience in riding on asphalt. Can I ride the whole itinerary? Can I change for the truck if I feel unable to cover any section?
If you doubt the difficulty of the road section (for example, Katu-Yaryk Passover), you can ride it in an escort vehicle, your bike will stay in the same vehicle with you. But if you have very little experience of riding on asphalt we advise you to do one-day course training on asphalt and cross-country tracks. Such parks can be found in almost every city.
20What is the mobile network coverage in Altay? What providers operate there?
There are some road sections with no coverage at all. Our guide and escort vehicle have cell phones for emergency. But, in general, Beeline, MTC and Megaphone possess quite good cell phone reception.
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